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French Bulldogs, Since 2009

Open Letter to Potential Frenchie Adoptees,

Thank you for considering Bobcat Frenchie's in your search for a healthy and quality bred Frenchie. Since 2009, we focus each breeding on quality not quantity, we pride ourselves in producing healthy and functional French Bulldogs. We further understand it's unfortunate, being told time and again, when reaching out to good ethical breeders, that they have nothing available, or they have a long waitlist.

Circumstances around the COVID-19 Pandemic and headlines, created a frenzy of people looking to adopt a Frenchie. We understand that one does not want to wait for a quality-bred Frenchie, when you are ready for one now... or even tomorrow! While we dislike being brutally honest, backyard breeders, puppy mills, and scammers only exist because of people, being too eager (and often times impatient); while considering adding a Frenchie to their life. Be wary of prevalent puppy mill deformations such as eye deformities, out-ward elbows and dwarfism (short feet/belly dragging).

At the end of the day, we want to educate on the importance of shopping for a pup responsibly, we strive to produce quality French Bulldogs and great customer service.

Interested in Adopting a Frenchie?

At Bobcat Frenchies, we focus on healthy and functional French Bulldogs. If you're feeling ready to adopt, view our Available Frenchies we also recommend reviewing our Frenchie Therapy, History & Buyer Information. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

French Bulldogs with Small Town Values

Merced County is home of the UC Merced Bobcats, located in the agriculture rich and diverse California Central Valley. Cities retain their small town feel. People and animals alike enjoy the attention they deserve. Our Frenchies are born and raised in a loving environment. Our pup's love to explore and look forward to being adopted into loving homes to become integral companions, provide happiness and daily purpose to their people.

Frenchie Therapy

At Bobcat Frenchies we make every effort to produce healthy, good natured pups that make excellent pets, emotional support and therapy dogs. A French bulldog's playful yet easygoing personality can offer many benefits to their owners with physical health, mental health and emotional support.

Learn more about the impactful benefits of owning a French Bulldog from Bobcat Frenchies by visiting our Frenchie Therapy page.

Proud CASA Volunteer

Bobcat Frenchies supports and volunteers with CASA of Merced County, directly supporting youth in our community. The CASA volunteer is a sworn officer of the court whose job is to provide the juvenile court judge with an independent assessment of the circumstances of the child. The CASA makes judicial recommendations for the disposition of the case based on the child's total circumstances.

Super Dog Program

All Bobcat puppies complete the Super Dog Program, applied from day 3-16 of life. The U.S. Military in their canine program developed the method that still serves today. Based on years of research, the military learned that early neurological stimulation exercises could have important and lasting effects on a dogs health, socialization and temperament. The program also applies to companion, therapy and service dogs.

American Kennel Club Registered

American Bully Kennel Club Registered